Master Key Blog Week 18

It’s baseball season again! I love it. My grandson plays shortstop for our local Jr. college. The team won their first two games. Last night he had 2 RBI’s with  one hit and a sacrifice fly and tonight he had one hit, two walks and scored 2 runs. I love watching that boy play. I also like to brag just a little bit. I am going to have to really manage my time well. It’s about half past midnight as I write this post. I live 30 min. one way from the ball field. The games on week nights start at 7 pm and last 2-3 hours. They were playing when we started this journey and it was difficult to keep up with everything we had to do. Somehow I think it will be a lot easier now that I am in the swing of things. One of my PPN’s is legacy. My plan is to get all of my family involved in MKMMA so we can have  the same insight and knowledge of spiritual truth to be of service to mankind for generations to come. I am looking forward to week 18 and the big pay off we are going to get. I am going to go to bed know it’s getting hard to concentrate. Thank You and I love you all.


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