Master Key Blog Week 20

First I would like to apologize to everyone who needs to comment on my blog for week 20.I have had lots of challenges this week. If I started to list them they would just sound like a lot of excuses but some things have kept me from getting my post done on time and for that I am sorry. Part 20 of the Master Keys has been one of my favorite lessons so far. It has raised some questions and made some statements that I have not herd or thought of before. I am a Christian and this does not shake my faith in God but it has given me something to think about. I read my Bible but I am not a student of the Bible like I know I should be. I am going to read and study  part 20 many more times so I can truly know and use it’s wisdom in my life for the rest of my life. Everything I have learned from the Master Keys is the truth for me and I am enjoying the journey.


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